Live via Skype with Elitom

  June 6th > 12th 2022  

The next Online Live MASTERMIND with Elitom will last 7 days :

You can join from your computer and the comfort of your own home. 

There is a 2 hour live Skype session every day.

It is very easy to access. We can guide you if you encounter issues : Just send us an email or tell us in the private dedicated group !


Replays of all the live sessions are available straight after the session within the Skype group, for you to watch anytime if you cannot join the daily live session or simply if you want to re-access the sessions offline.

Our group schedule is : 12pm New York time, daily (Saturday is 9am NY time instead, for Australians)

During this online MASTERMIND via Skype, I, Elitom, will be sharing live daily about :

  1. How your Body truly works

  2. Understanding & Mastering your Mind 

  3. How your Diet works

  4. How Building your Body works

  5. The Body Transformation you go through according to your actions

  6. How I went from obese to healthy and breatharian

  7. How you can Self Heal yourself the easiest and fastest way

  8. Why and how to Own your Time

  9. The DOs and DONTs to shift your energy and transform yourself in a strong, healthy & handsome way

  10. My own personal life routine in different versions to suit your body type and needs

  11. How to access higher levels of Freedom & Capacities

  12. Life changing Meditation sessions

  13. Unlimited Q&A giving precise personal answers to your questions 

Embody your full potential in a few days only through this live online training where you get to : 

  1. Ask me any questions,

  2. Be surrounded by positive like minded people,

  3. Re-listen to my teachings anytime anywhere unlimited

  4. Learn from your own environment without abrupt changes (no good for your body & mind)

  5. Laugh and take it easy

  6. Have the greatest time of your life

  7. Learn faster

  8. Meditate together (way more powerful than alone)

  9. Share your experiences with people who actually understand you (and won't think you are crazy)

  1. 7 days LIVE MASTERMIND via Skype +

  2. Access the 24/7 private Skype group where you can share, connect and ask questions for :

  £97 today only  

  instead of £497  



Places are limited to ensure quality.


Following the Covid-19 rules/advices : No physical retreat is planned in UK/Europe/USA until further notice.

If you have any question, please feel free to ask through the contact form on the website :-)