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Hi Elitom!


Thank you so much for your reply! And insight!


I did sense that the blockage in my lower oesophagus may have manifested as part of a healing process, and being linked with expression/communication issues also makes sense. Apprx 6 weeks after I first noticed the blockage, I also started experiencing an internal body tremor/vibration which lasted about 3 months.


Wow, it's wisdom like this 'Take your time for the course, no hurry at all, it is a lifelong process anyway ;)', that makes me so grateful to have come across you. Your ability and honesty in sharing your journey, upbringing in Ohio, the challenges faced etc are so grounded in the reality of the life we live.


I have found some positive ways of dealing with the current situation here in Melbourne. In addition to this course, I've started combining some stretching, breathing and dancing to some uplifting beats at . I discovered this website around the same time I listened to one of the nuggets you provided on lifting our own vibration - and by lifting our own vibration, it affects those around us. I've started to focus more on lifting my own vibration, rather than pointing out the inconsistencies and overreach being used against us to others.


I was encouraged to hear you say that we will all soon know the truth behind all this... I took it as a positive, I hope I interpreted correctly ๐Ÿ™‚ Dark to LIGHT!


Again, thank you so much to you, Maryam and the Team!



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