Hi Elitom!


Thank you so much for your reply! And insight!


I did sense that the blockage in my lower oesophagus may have manifested as part of a healing process, and being linked with expression/communication issues also makes sense. Apprx 6 weeks after I first noticed the blockage, I also started experiencing an internal body tremor/vibration which lasted about 3 months.


Wow, it's wisdom like this 'Take your time for the course, no hurry at all, it is a lifelong process anyway ;)', that makes me so grateful to have come across you. Your ability and honesty in sharing your journey, upbringing in Ohio, the challenges faced etc are so grounded in the reality of the life we live.


I have found some positive ways of dealing with the current situation here in Melbourne. In addition to this course, I've started combining some stretching, breathing and dancing to some uplifting beats at https://protestival.co/ . I discovered this website around the same time I listened to one of the nuggets you provided on lifting our own vibration - and by lifting our own vibration, it affects those around us. I've started to focus more on lifting my own vibration, rather than pointing out the inconsistencies and overreach being used against us to others.


I was encouraged to hear you say that we will all soon know the truth behind all this... I took it as a positive, I hope I interpreted correctly 🙂 Dark to LIGHT!


Again, thank you so much to you, Maryam and the Team!



My name is Lori and I have been on several breatharian retreats.
I love them all And especially this last one that we did on Zoom.
First I want to say that the combination of Elitom and Shana Dean were a perfect team!
Everything flowed very smoothly and I obtained even more information.
This journey is amazing and the way they teach is very user-friendly and down to earth.
I highly recommend anyone and everyone to participate in future retreats. Even if you don’t want to be a Breatharian there is so much you will learn and grow.
This is the future!
In deep appreciation and gratitude  namaste
Lori H.

I had been injuring myself and even making much harder my path than what it’s supposed to be.
I loved this online retreat for 3 reasons mainly.
I asked questions and got direct answers, not delayed for a second course or in the future. Everything was high knowledge and Now, not tomorrow.
2nd, this covid made cheaper prices since I didn’t have to travel elsewhere, and made it affordable to me something that I had been dreaming to do for years.
May God reach all of us despite our economic differences was a blessing.
And third not less important…
I met back again beautiful people who are the same as me, loners that have always known the truth.

I love you all 

I have practiced energetic work for 5 years now. This was the first time I applied the principles of food freedom to my meditations. I have been consistently impressed with my energy levels, and how I feel mentally, physically, and spiritually. This was a huge game changer for me!
This course is great for anyone looking to expand their knowledge of the energetic practices, as well as people who are interested in finding how to break free from their eating habits.
Elitom and Shana Dean are wonderful teachers filled with compassion and honesty. I am grateful for the opportunity of enhancing myself at home with their guidance.

Dear Elitom,

I love the Rocket Start program. I wrote earlier and introduced myself and I now see that I was overly focused on my physical journey of trying to be food free when I wrote you last.

You are especially good at impressing the knowledge, like an energetic light transmission, that we are actually elevating ourselves into a higher dimension of reality: That is the real nature of the breatharian transformation. Perhaps I was trying to “fast my way to being a breatharian” previously, but as I became lighter and cleaner with very little food over the last six months and without any solid food at all for the last month or so of that six months, and was able to discover how prana can sustain me through the sunlight, breathing, chi gung and meditation, I started to palpably feel that I was shifting dimensional realities.

The shift is subtle, but very perceivable with lots of opportunities coming my way out of the blue, people look differently at me when I walk down the street, I feel like they can see light around me and people have even said that to me. A lot of long term physical pain has also subsided and I feel energetic and healthy. My thoughts often race, but I do meditate every day and succeed in quieting my thoughts for the duration – You have been an enormous inspiration to me on the path with your consistent practices which led to your own mastery and continuously evolving transformation. 


Kindest Regards, Sav.


What a perfect time to embark on this journey toward a healthier, spiritual way of being. My heart is full of gratitude for the information, guidance and support given by Shana Dean and Elitom El-Amin. It just makes so much sense and literally propelled me into action! It was such an inspiring four days after being stuck for so long doing the same thing over and over, knowing that food was sabotaging my forward momentum. They infuse such joy and love into their program.
I highly recommend this retreat to all, regardless of where you are on your journey.
This course was a blessing and welcomed kick start. I will be back!
Pamela Kathleen

 I really love how you designed your program! I feel so supported and cared for. I’m swimming in gratitude!

Your practical wisdom, just the way you deliver it, is so inspiring to contemplate all day long and I know it rings true for many, many others too... I so appreciate you, many thanks to your team as well... God smiles so brightly through you Elitom.

Wahe Guru!!🦋❤️🦋



Dear Elitom,

I just want to express how amazing I found this last retreat... each one gets better and better. I had to be absent for some of it because of my yoga school commitments, but I am looking forward to listening to the full replays each day while I jump back into my fast after a wedding tomorrow night where I will probably indulge in some vegetarian Indian food, just to be social. 

Each topic you covered and the insights you gave were just pouring out at light speed, it was brilliant, funny, fun, compassionate and so inspiring. As I get to know you more and more, I am able to understand at a deeper and deeper level what it really means to carry this kind of high vibration. I’m so grateful that you are transmitting your treasures in this way and that you have made it so I can partake like this. I feel very,  very fortunate (...)

There is such an unprecedented peace in my heart.


Sending Lots of Love, (your Akron homegirl) Brynn 

P.S. Big, big thanks to Maryam too of course!!