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Featured in Supreme Master TV and FreedÔm Generation TV, Elitom Elamin is internationally reknown as the expert of prolonged fasting, living without the need for food or water.


Elitom Elamin started on the path of fasting in 2000, for health reasons, going from overweight with high blood pressure (HBP) to thriving health and energy within a few months only, needing today very little sleep or non at all. 

Since then, Elitom kept growing his capacities to mastery through longer period of time without consuming food or water.


Elitom shares worldwide and daily on his social medias (see below) his extra-ordinary knowledge and experience in the field of human photosynthesis.


Author of the books : “It’s Ok to Be Healthy”, and “Human Photosynthesis 101”, Elitom is an incredible inspiration for humans to get more and more tuned to their natural capacities and better live together in peace & harmony.

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