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The WORLD's MOST EFFICIENT & COMPLETE COURSE on FASTING, 100% ONLINE, by Master of Fasting Elitom El Amin : International Teacher living food free & water free, with 18 years+ of experience 

Learn step by step, from your own home, and improve at your own pace, while living your current lifestyle

Enjoy the MOST ADVANCED COURSE ON FASTING from anywhere in the World

The COMPLETE COURSE includes the 3 following Modules :

1) MODULE 1 : Beginner's Level

  • How to get started the easiest and safest way

  • Fasting & Epigenetics

  • What to avoid, especially at the beginning, to prevent unpleasant results

  • The different types of fasting you can choose from according to your lifestyle, level, needs and more (we tell you everything)

  • Easy techniques to boost your results x10

  • What you should know to not traumatize your body and never be able to fast safely again

  • How to boost your immune system


2) MODULE 2 : Intermediate Level

  • How to strengthen your Fasting experience x10

  • Your body regeneration explained step by step in a comprehensible way

  • What you DO NOT NEED TO DO that most people do when fasting (before or during)

  • From laziness to ongoing Energy : The rules you must know and apply

  • Understanding OMAD : One Meal a Day (deeper explanation)

  • Dealing with weight loss

  • Dealing with weight gain

  • Dealing with unhappiness / mental issues / disorders

  • Dealing with hunger / appetite


3) MODULE 3 : Advanced Level (leading to Human Photosynthesis)

  • Retraining the mind and reconditioning the body for deeper results

  • The arrival of powers / activated senses / greater capacities : How to deal with them and not lose your energy (energy loss can happen fast, even at that level)

  • How to be fully equipped for the advanced level, the differences with the previous levels

  • The indicators you are at that level and you are succeeding

  • How to keep reaping more benefits long term, such as : rejuvenation, immunity, strength, energy, performance, health, powers...

  • Prolonged fasting and Super Humanity : Knowing where you stand and your impact on others and the World



Get the Essence of Elitom ’s 18 years+ Experience on the journey of prolonged fasting, with no need for physical food or water, including his Powerful & Life Transforming Techniques for you to FAST ...

  • Being Happy & Safe

  • Knowing and Respecting your Body needs

  • Growing the levels of health & energy as fast as you can, making the most of your body capacities, thanks to the N°1 MOST EFFICIENT and SCIENTIFICALLY PROVEN TECHNIQUE to HEAL THE BODY : FASTING.

Each module contains :

  • Downloadable step by step VIDEO TEACHINGS by Elitom Elamin, for you to watch anywhere anytime, online or offline

  • A QUIZZ to verify your integration of the course, step by step

  • A written ACTION PLAN for you to remember the main points of the module easily at a glance

  • The downloadable AUDIO VERSION of every video teaching, for you to listen to anywhere anytime, online or offline


Choose your version of the course when checking out : 

  • No email support 

  • 3 weeks email support


>>> Access to the course is immediate after your payment + link is sent on your email :

For any question regarding your order, please use the contact form on the website.

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