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'I took my brain, washed it, and put it back.' - Elitom Elamin

A Complete Mindset Cleansing & Reprogramming Audio Program

Learn step by step, from your own home, and improve at your own pace, while living your current lifestyle
Enjoy transforming YOUR BODY AND MIND from anywhere in the World

Your 21 day Breatharian Audio Program to SHIFT YOUR LIFE to a Higher Level of Reality.

Don't LEARN Meditation, FEEL IT. And Experience the huge changes in your Body, Mind, and daily Life, from Day 1.


Through this transformative audio program, you will get : 

  1. All you need to feel and experience through Guided Meditation

  2. A more empowered life, with what you want : Better manifestations, more meaningful relationships, amplified capacities, more access to abundance, weight loss, muscle gain, more vitality, self healing, energy boost, recovery, ...

  3. Access to the Breatharian reality in no time, just by listening to the audios daily

  4. The maximum benefits you can get from Meditation


Get what you want in no time, anywhere, the most natural way possible, thanks to those 21 BREATHARIAN REPROGRAMMING GUIDED SESSIONS.

Included :

  1. Elitom's 'Self Massage' preparation to the Microcosmic Orbit Meditation

  2. Elitom's full Microcosmic Orbit Meditation

  3. Powerful Solar Technology Guided Meditations

  4. DNA Reset & Reprogramming

  5. Emotional Re-balance and Transformation, shifting the level of your Emotional Intelligence

  6. Full Body Cleansing and Detox through Light Technology (nothing to ingest or do)

  7. Guided Sessions shifting your Awareness & Capacities to a whole other level


  • Audio program with downloadable guided audio tracks accessible online or offline, anytime, anywhere.

  • 1 bonus is a video session. 



Created with love for You by Elitom & Maryam


Get the Essence of the Breatharian Reality including Elitom ’s 20 years experience on the journey of body and mind transformation (breatharianism), with no need for physical food or water


Access to the program is immediate after your payment + link is sent on your email !

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