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'The Health of your Brain & Body is about your Do's and Dont's'


 Elitom Elamin

DOs & donts IN 
the life of a breatharian

Discover the Do's and DONT's of a Breatharian Lifestyle with the COMPLETE ONLINE COURSE by Expert in Prolonged Fasting Elitom : International Teacher living food free & water free, with 18 years+ of experience 

Learn step by step, from your own home, and improve at your own pace, while living your current lifestyle

Enjoy transforming YOURself to the best possible version of you, from anywhere in the World

The COMPLETE COURSE includes the 8 following CHAPTERS :


1. What is taking place daily in your life, and goes way faster on a Breatharian journey.

2. The DOs that are a MUST on your breatharian journey : 

- Your foundation

- Your main cultivation

- Be careful with this one element in your life, as it prevents you from succeeding on the breatharian path

- Your preparation before the 'mental part' 

- What you need to stick to even if it feels 'boring'

- Why you need to manage your time, from the morning onwards

- The habit you should have to start your day with the 'breatharian attittude'

- The habit you should have to go throughout your day with the 'breatharian mindset'

- The law to remember when working with your mind




1. What is going to rub off on you and make a huge difference in the quality of your life

2. How to consider relationships and friendships on a Breatharian path

3. The law o energy and the consequences of commitment : DOs and DONTs

4. How to keep yourself with others

5. The power of habit and routine, and how it affects your life

6. The rule to remember when working with others and dealing with relationships to maintain health

7. What shows best that you are a great teacher, a wise person

8. What others 1st get from you when they meet you, and defines your level as a human being

9. What happens every time we change ourselves




1. DON'T have this behaviour and DO cultivate this one instead

2. Why you are now taking part in your movement and in this scientific process

3. The human quality you need to have and why

4. What you should do with your brain to stay on the Breatharian track

5. The physical change that happens in your body, explained scientifically

6. Once you conquer THIS, you are able to do other much greater things

7. Why 'tools' are important on a Breatharian journey

8. What happens when you start breaking off those energies and blockages in your body that no longer serve you


1. The major focus people have on the breatharian journey which is NOT the proper one to have.

2. What are the important issues you more than likely HAVE TO DEAL WITH on the breatharian journey that most people ignore 

3. Where do those important issues come from usually

4. What are you DOING exactly when you are dealing with the breatharian journey 

5. All generations on planet Earth are THIS.

6. What happens at a deeper level when you clean yourself and why 


1. How you should constantly keep yourself

2. What you should stay away from and why

3. How to deal with 'negative thoughts' 

4. What is the immortal thought process 

5. Why you need to work out everyday 

6. What does exercise change in your brain and therefore in your body 

7. How you want your transformation to look like and why

8. What you need to take care of 


1. The different stages of the breatharian journey

2. How you will have to use your new skills and why

3. What dating someone goes with

4. What younger people should do on this path 

5. What is the definition of being a Breatharian

6. What food does to a family

7. What is the agreement you make to yourself when you decide to raise a family and why this is nourishing 

8. In this case, how do you deal with your journey 


1. What is the concept of a 'Breatharian family' about

2. Dealing with a child means THIS and why

3. What are you constantly thinking of when you have a family

4. When you go through the stages of having a family, this is what you should do, and what you should remember

5. What should be your goal and focus when you have a family

6. What does this mean for your life until you develop even more ?

7. You should not use spirituality for THIS

8. The danger you face with your family if you go too extreme or fast on this path

9. What the main goal in your life is


1. What you can do when you have children/family/work colleagues and still want to do your best on the food freedom journey (Have times you eat with your children/family/work colleagues regularly, and times you don't)

2. What is it that you are doing with this knowledge (You are challenging yourself)

3. What you have to remember to fulfill (Take care of the agreement linked with your creations)

4. How a 'healthy habit' can become unhealthy (You are making it uncomfortable for everyone, you are losing energy, you are losing money : Something positive for you can have negative results for you if you are doing it wrong)

5. Make sure you don't make the breatharian knowledge THIS for you and others (A burden)

6. What is the breatharian path about (A holistic journey, including time management)

Each CHAPTER contains :

  • The VIDEO TEACHING with Elitom

  • The QUIZZ to track your progress and implementation of all information in you


Access to the course is immediate after your payment + link is sent on your email !

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