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Kick-Start your breatharian journey with the best Tools, inner + outer Equipment

and Support !

1) 21 day Mindset & Body Reprogramming Audio Program : Transform yourself by tuning your mind & your body to the Breatharian Reality, in less than 10 minutes a day. Just Listen, Nothing to do. (Audio Program)

2) Relearn to Breathe Completely : Implement 10 powerful new ways of breathing, to fully nourrish yourself the Pranic way, in no time, and live nourished and fulfilled like never before ! (10 chapters)

5) Easy Transformative Breatharian Body building (from home) : Workout according to your age and experience greater results + Implement this yogic practice which BECOMES a workout on this energetic path and transform your body with NO RISKS. Exercising has never been so powerful, fun, rejuvenating and energizing, in less than 15 minutes ! (Video Program in 8 chapters)

6) Holistic Planner : Track your progress daily in all key areas of your life, for a whole year > Ebook version (print at home) 


7) A day in the life of a Breatharian : What you need to do daily to generate, store and use energy, the Breatharian way + the DOs and the DONTs + What is the Immortal Thought Process : Don't just live an average boring life, go the SuperHuman way instead, it is possible for you too. > (Video Program in 8 chapters)

8) 30 day personal support by email :

Ask your questions by email, get personal answers, share your journey and receive premium invaluable support


Length : 30 days

Access : 100% Online (all details sent ahead + daily content)

A Question ? Ask it through the website contact form ! 

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