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'The way you breathe is the way you live'


10 powerful new ways of breathing to fully nourrish and build your body the breatharian way. 

Learn step by step, from your own home, and improve at your own pace, while living your current lifestyle
Enjoy transforming YOUR BODY AND MIND from anywhere in the World
Through this transformative course, you will get : 

  1. All you need to feel and experience through Breath Work

  2. A more empowered life, feeling a lot more energized and nourished, the most natural and simple way : Through Transformational Breathing 

  3. Access to the Breatharian Reality in no time, just by practicing new Breathing Techniques daily

  4. The maximum benefits you can get from Breathing


Get what you want in no time, anywhere, the most natural way possible, thanks to those 10 powerful new ways of Breathing.

  • Included : Elitom's Breath of Fire, guided by himself 

  • For beginners and advanced : Step by step evolution from beginner's level to advanced, with variations for each technique according to your level, feeling, possibilities. 



Get the Essence of the Breatharian Reality including Elitom ’s 20 years experience on the journey of body and mind transformation (breatharianism), with no need for physical food or water


Access to the program is immediate after your payment + link is sent on your email !

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