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'The Breatharian Body does not exist, it has to be created' 

Elitom Elamin

(mind and)
with Elitom

on TRANSFORMATIVE BODYBUILDING, 100% ONLINE, by Expert in Prolonged Fasting Elitom El Amin: International Teacher living food free & water-free, with 18 years+ of experience 

Learn step by step, from your own home, and improve at your own pace, while living your current lifestyle

Enjoy transforming YOUR BODY AND MIND from anywhere in the World

The COMPLETE 10 DAY COURSE includes the 7 following CHAPTERS :


1. How Exercise and Energy work in the different stages of life


2. How the paradigm around age and energy is changing


3. What you should do and not do with diet and exercise as you age, to keep healthy and glow


4. What is the foundation of your livelihood, your medicine and also an exercise routine


5. What you should be able to feel in your body that most people don't


6. What proper diet and exercise will bring back to you in the future that make them the best currency




1. What you do not want to overdo or you could damage your body


2. How to get the most out of you energy conservation


3. How your vehicule (body) is going to change over the years by following the breatharian way of working out


4. What is the base of the training and where does it start (not physical...)


5. What type of 'creatures' we are


6. The key to not have 'aches and pains' in your body


7. The difference between aging and getting old


8. What everybody has to go through anyway


9. Why some people never 'cross over' to the 'magic path' and go backwards


10. What 'health' must be before you can experience it




1. The only thing people have on their mind when thinking about the breatharian path, which is an ISSUE to succeed 

2. What WILL HAPPEN to your body on the breatharian path and why 

3. It IS possible to experience THIS when you exercise

4. What losing weight has to do with 

5. Why is exercise the best way do change this in your brain, which is needed on your breatharian journey 

6. What happens in your brain when you do THIS

7. What is the body designed to do daily 

8. Why most people lose weight and muscles on the breatharian journey and what is it that you should do instead

9. What are you dealing with when considering yourself on this journey 

10. Fasting is good, but it also does THIS to you

11. What is the only way to clean your lympathic system

12. How to measure the breatharian level and why

13. What happens when you go too fast, focusing mainly on fasting


1. Why a lot of people have trouble building muscles and thus sculpting their vessel (body)

2. The 2 stages of building muscles, on a breatharian journey too 

3. What should happen as you age 

4. What you should absolutely do as you age

5. What does it take to live longer 

6. It is easier to build muscles and sculpt your body if you have less of THIS 

7. You won't have to lose all your muscles if you follow this correct breatharian body building discipline


8. What you want your body to get before you go at higher levels 


9. What you put into your body should have those qualities 


1. On this path especially, you should educate yourself on THIS

2. What is your bone and how it works

3. This is what you get every 5 days

4. This is what you get every 30 days

5. What you need to give yourself for your body to transform

6. To really see results, you will have to implement THIS in your life

7. What you need to do for your body to shape and your muscles to grow

8. What you need for the energy pathways in your body to grow and for you to see the results

9. This organ in your body has those 2 attributes

10. The reason why people lose too much weight on a breatharian path

11. How you will get perfect health, better skin, better heart rate, better energy, everything aligned :-)


1. What perfect health is

2. What is our greatest ressource

3. You want to pick your exercise routine accroding to THIS

4. What you need to give yourself for a good workout daily

5. When it is best for you to exercise

6. A person who owns THIS is free

7. How to get a better life force energy passing through your body


1. How many types of workout people choose to do

2. Even doing THIS is a workout

3. What you want in your curriculum 1st of all

4. What people usually take for granted

5. The more you stay on the journey, the more THIS will go into your body

6. On the breatharian journey, THIS is a MUST and why

BONUS CHAPTERs 8, 9 & 10 :

1. Techniques to workout easily from home with an elastic band or a towel

2. Tutorials showing you how to train with a towel

3. Teachings from Elitom's on physical exercise

4. Techniques to meditate

5. Tutorials on the power of meditation

6. Teachings from Elitom on energy flow and meditation

7. What are anabolism and catabolism and their impact in your body 

8. The 2 types of techniques to know about and use or avoid when living on energy 


9. Building up and tearing up : The laws and rules

10. Building body mass

11. Avoiding weight loss


Get the Essence of Elitom ’s 18 years+ Experience on the journey of body and mind transformation (breatharianism), with no need for physical food or water, including his Powerful & Life Transforming Techniques for you to transform your body ...

  • Being Happy & Safe

  • Knowing and Respecting your Body needs

  • Growing your levels of health & energy as fast as you can, making the most of your body capacities, thanks to the power of Energy & Exercise

Each CHAPTER contains :

  • The VIDEO TEACHING with Elitom

  • The QUIZZ to track your progress and implementation of all information in you

+ ELITOM's EBOOK : It's OK to be Healthy

+ ELITOM's EBOOK : Human Photosynthesis 101

+ ELITOM's 1 YEAR HOLISTIC PLANNER (PDF / Print at home version)


Access to the course is immediate after your payment + link is sent on your email !

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