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Weekly Video Teachings

with Elitom

  Sent on your email directly!  

The Ongoing Training with Elitom is made of :

Video Teachings by Elitom sent weekly on your email directly.


You can download the video teachings on your computer or your phone and watch anytime anywhere with no need for an internet connection !

Perfect for travelers, busy people, nature lovers and anyone who wants the freedom to learn 'offline', offgrid... 

The Ongoing Training starts when you decide to join, and stops when you choose to.

Total Freedom. 

Following the Covid-19 rules/advices : No physical retreat is planned in UK/Europe/USA until further notice.

If you have any question, please feel free to ask through the contact form on the website :-)

Learn ongoing with the Number 1 Breatharian, Martial Art Teacher & World Traveler Elitom :

  1. How to become a Breatharian

  2. How to enlighten yourself

  3. How to regain your original strength and capicities

  4. How to understand your Body and achieve amazing results

  5. Mind Mastery for a Magic/Enlightened Life

  6. How to turn your Diet into Meaning and Empowerment

  7. How to Build your Body the way you want

  8. How to handle the stages of Body Transformation

  9. How to Self Heal yourself the easiest and fastest way

  10. The DOs and DONTs to shift your energy and transform yourself in a strong, healthy & handsome way

  11. Elitom's own personal life routine and experience in different versions to suit your body type and needs

  12. How to access higher levels of Freedom, Powers & Capacities

  13. Life changing Meditation sessions

THE ONGOING TRAINING has 2 versions you can choose from :


Downloadable VIDEO TEACHINGS sent weekly to your email





£285 monthly instead of £297

£25 monthly instead of £37

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